Initial Exchange Offering IEO from Scratch.

How to launch an Initial exchange offering IEO project from scratch. It can be useful for those who are new in crypto or if you are an investor and want to invest in your own project rather then others. In the article below, we will try to explain the process of launching your own crypto Startup, how much it will cost, and how much you can expect Revenue from it.

ICOspeaks provides help in launching Blockchain ICO/IEO startups from A to Z, consulting services for investors, and startup founders.

ICOSpeaks Launch Blockchain Startups from scratch.
We provide:
1. A team for project CEO, CMO, CFO, CM, SMM, PR.
2. Develop a website, design, White Paper, create a Token.
3. Create social media and manage it, (Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, bitcointalk, YouTube, Medium)
4. Attract new investors via advertising and negotiation with private investors.
5. Launch Private sale with private investors, token sales on an early stage.
6. Negotiate with Top crypto Exchanges to List token.
7. Launch Public sale with community users.
8. Set up Market Making on exchanges, improve trading volume on exchanges.

We defined 3 types of people who would like to launch a crypto startup.

(Investors) The investor has much bigger Revenue investing in his own projects rather than investing in others, the reason is simple, you have full control over the process since the beginning. You have the main role in your own project is ( Founder, Investor, shareholder, token holder.)

(Developer) You are Passionate with your Idea, You want to implement your idea in real project based on blockchain, and you can develop your project easily such as Vitalik Buterin, but you need a team, Marketing, Advisors and of course Funds.

(Traditional Business) For example, Real estate Business with a large experience in their field, understood inevitable familiarity with blockchain technology, decided to follow the hype, and tokenize their project or Launch own startup under their own Brand.

For the past 2019 year, ICOSpeaks launched more than 100 Startups from the following businesses such as Real estate, Car business, Casinos & Gambling, Artificial intelligence, Gaming, Bussiness services, Softwares, Entertainment, Banking, and others.

Complete a Team

CEO (Chief Executive officer) — Requirements, manage the process of development, participate in project activities, represent the project on TV Shows, AMA Sessions, Report to investors, and Founder with the latest updates. We will provide our own CEO with experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

CMO (Chief Marketing officer) Requirments — Manage marketing campaign, create a Marketing strategy for the project, and manage it.

SMM ( Social Media Manager ) Requirments — create and manage social media.

CM (Community Manager) Requirements — engage users to communicate, support the community, attract new users to join the project.

Developers (Requirments)— Develop a website(domain, hosting), Create a token, White Paper.

How much does it cost to Launch an Initial exchange offering IEO

  • P2PB2B
  • Cointiger
  • Exrates
  • Bittrex
  • Probit

IEO Budget starts from 3–10BTC

  • Bitforex
  • BW

IEO Budget starts from 10–25BTC

· Binance

· Huobi

· KuCoin

What’s Revenue you can expect from Crowdfunding?

Total revenue is difficult to define, but as a result, you have your own project, team, tokens, liquidity, capitalization. Probably we can say it millions of dollars.

What's the basic step to start your IEO Campaign?

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A lot of details we didn’t mention here such as it takes a week to read, any project is individual and we are doing an individual approach to each project on each stage of development.

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